Hard Ball

by Heather Stone

A short but sexy little read that hit the ground running and didn’t actually give much of a chance to take stock of what was happening, I found that I had to slow myself down with this one because on more than one occasion I thought I had missed something.
The basic story is one that is actually quite sweet but that is not to say that you will like Cole straight off the bat because dang the guy certainly knew how to get my heckles up. My feelings towards him initially were verging towards contempt at some points but they seemed to settle at just dislike a little longer than I was happy with.
Mackenzie on the other hand was a character that I could get to grips with, she was willing to step up and help her friend in his time of need but would it be an offer she would regret?
Cole was the big-time baseball played but in my book, Mackenzie was the bigger person, she placed his needs first and I only hoped that she wouldn’t be disappointed by him.
Was I??? Well let’s just say that this is a friendship that has found a new dimension … horizontal!
I missed some of the details and I think that is because in my opinion the author rushed certain sections but overall I have to say that this was a sweet read that wasn’t all plain sailing.

Topic: Hard Ball by Heather Stone

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