by Heidi McLaughlin

The latest in the fantastic “The Boys of Summer” series by Heidi McLaughlin, and as much as I found that it took a while to grab my attention, once it had it, there was no putting the book down.
I will admit that so far, I have loved the fact that each of the books in the series reads well as standalone novels and Hawk is no different, it is perfectly placed in the series but boy oh boy does it stand tall in its own right.
Hawk needs no assistance to show you what he is made of, he can manage that perfectly well on his own.
Hawk is back in his hometown recuperating from an injury that he is struggling to allow himself to not only come to terms with but to also heal from, it is all going much too slowly for him and being separated from his team and the sport that encapsulates everything that he loves in life…Baseball.
His place on the team as the star pitcher means that he is used to having everything he needs in life but what he needs now is to be back in the team but whilst he is waiting, boredom is his achilles heel and he gets co-opted into help coaching a kids baseball team. Well, anything is better than wallowing around doing nothing and the order from the medics to rest up is so far off his radar that this might be just what he needs to occupy his mind whilst his body heals.
Single mom Bellamy wants what’s best for her son and so when he says that he wants to play baseball, she is ready to do what it takes to help him reach that goal, so when she discovers that there is someone coaching a team in town, she is first in line to get her boy on the team. I loved that she had no idea who Hawk was, it gave the pair of them the clean slate that I think they both needed to get to know each other.
Overall, I think the pair of them were perfectly matched, they had an honesty about them that meant they were impossible not to get involved with.


Topic: HAWK By Heidi McLaughlin

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