by Sierra Simone

It would be a sin to say anything other than…HAVE YOU SEEN THAT COVER, I mean Oh My Good God!!

The book has everything and I do mean everything that you could possibly want or need.

It is beautifully filthy, gut wrenchingly and wholeheartedly raw with the most perfect mix of pleasure and pain. The way in which the author brought forward the subject matter in a manner that did everything it wanted to encourage me to do exactly what Ms Simone had in mind.

I felt inspired, wholeheartedly captivated and positively amazing at the impact the story had, I was a convert…hook, line and Sinner!!!

Oh, before I go…please be aware that you may attract some peculiar looks from those around you as you make your way through the book, I found that I was an emotional rollercoaster, tears one minute and pure glee the next…my colleagues thought I was a loon!

Topic: Sinner by Sierra Simone

Date: 17/12/2022

By: jannat

Subject: book

amazing book

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