Third Base

by Stella

A solidly sweet friends to more romance that took its time getting to the rub of the relationship.

The author gave the characters plenty of opportunity to show how much they meant to each other, and whilst they were best friends first and foremost but there was no denying the chemistry between the pair of them or the fact that they were as intertwined as two human beings could possibly be and not be in a physical relationship.

But when Coby joins the major league and his career starts to put hurdles between the two of them, it was obvious that something had to give and when Ellie started dating another player I thought it might just have been Coby’s heart, because darn it that boy had it bad , he was no saint but there was one woman in his life that everyone else had to measure up to and none of them were making the grade, and that just made it worse because knowing that Ellie had moved on did diddly squat to alleviate his angst at the whole situation, if anything it solidified his desire to finally draw a line under the friendship.. one way or another they had to find a way to either move on or move in!

Which was it, well that is what you will find in the story.

This one is a slow burner and every now and then there is nothing better than a story that takes its time to get to the finer details. Well written with characters that weren’t dripping in angst and attitude, this was a read that I will save for a second read on a winters day under the blankets.

Topic: Third Base by Stella

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