Reaper's Rival

by Simone Elise

I read Reaper’s Claim and adored it and when I started this book, I was a little confused as to what was going on because I had a rather strong déjà vu feeling going but I did a bit digging online to see if I could understand what was going on before I dug any further into a book that I thought was going to get the better of me and believe me, this is not the sort of story that you want to give the upper hand too.

Anyway, leaving all of the confusion aside, I got stuck in and for this review, I am just going to go with what I read in this book and please forgive me if there is any overlap, I will try not to confuse you!

The book kicks off with Abby in Blake’s gang with her sister Kim, carrying out Blake’s wishes as she acts as his own personal hit-woman. Never one to miss a target, she is on top of her game, but there is more at play here than she is willing to let on and when a job gets horribly complicated and the very people she would have never wanted to see are embroiled in the who thing, she is left with an impossible decision to make. Can she turn her back on her family or does she have what it takes to protect them?

The run with Abby as the gun deal goes south is the “shoe” that Reaper needs (read the story and you will get that little chestnut! Its subtle even if I do say myself ) and seeing Abby again only solidifies his decision to hang around, its already been three months, he must have been darn sure that she was coming back because it certainly seemed as if he had been almost waiting it out.

I got that Abby was a strong-willed woman but darn it, I had my hopes high that Reaper (Kade) wasn’t going to let the grass grow beneath his feet and he would be hauling a** to get her back. But he surprised me with an excellent display of what have been every ounce of patience he had…but you know what she wasn’t done with him yet, he had to dig a little deeper because Abby didn’t just test his patience a little more, nope she wrung it out and hung it out to dry!

I loved Reaper although that may seem like an odd thing to say about a guy that had definitely earned his name, but I did, he may have been a bada** biker but beneath that tough exterior lay a heart that knew only one thing, while he would did for his club but he would put every one of them in the ground for his woman. I thought the author did a superb job of showing the other side of Reaper, of bringing Kade to life, the guy that loved without fault, he adored Abby and at times I didn’t understand why because she had begun to grate on my nerves.

I got that she was a proud woman, but oh my good lord woman, make your mind up! She seemed to change her mind like most women change underwear, she dithered and dallied like nothing I have ever known. I hated that she thought she could solve all the problems on her own and I have to admit that some of her antics with Dante had me ready to beat the every loving c**p out of her, really woman you have to look up the term “immature”, I would put money on your picture being in there pasted next to it! She flip flopped more than I would have liked and her double standards were further proof that she had a ways to go before she was ready to be the woman that she thought she already was.

I thought the author continued along the theme of the first book, in as much as she didn’t let up on the intensity of the club, she didn’t hide, not only the reality but the cruelty of life within a hardcore MC, this isn’t for the weak willed, there are some horrible depictions dotted throughout the story, there are some events that will draw a sharp intake of breath,especially one of the hits that Abby goes on, I was shocked that the author was willing to include that in the book, other steer a wide berth from something so graphic, but kudos Ms Elise for staying true to your characters and the life the lead.

With another book due, I have to say that I daren’t think too much about what the author may have tucked up her sleeve because so far, I think I have gotten just about all my assumptions wrong.

This is a cleverly written book, that packs a punch. It will leave you winded but counting the days to until the next book arrives.


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