by Kaylee Ryan

I can’t quite put my finger on what my problem was with this story but I have a sneaky feeling it was because they seemed to take off running before I had the opportunity to get completely on board with the whole situation. I didn’t dislike the story, honestly, it is not that, I thought it was a great read, I just didn’t get totally invested.
Lauren and Tristen are not strangers, they have met before in the previous books in the series but don’t worry you don’t have to have read them to be able to pick up the gist of what is going on, the author didn’t hang about, she made sure that all the detail required was present.
I suppose now that I am actually thinking about it, what surprised me was the fact that the story was practically angst-free, I mean Tristan took no prisoners in making sure that Lauren knew exactly how he felt and just how quickly he felt it…he wasn’t shy about making that declaration, I think I wanted a bit of pushback, but whilst Lauren was no walk over, I would have to say that she was pretty much on the same page.
They may have started out as friend’s, text buddies so to speak but fate had plans that when it came down to it neither of them had the will to ignore.
A fast friend’s to more read, that will keep you entertained.

Topic: Definite by Kaylee Ryan

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