Her Boss

by Roxeanne Rolling

There isn’t much if anything in life that Billionaire tech mogul Ryan Hudson doesn’t already have or can’t get at on the slightest whim but the way he sweeps through women like a tornado through Texas has earned him more than enough notches on his bedpost and while he is in no hurry to put a stop to that process, he is left with little choice when he happens upon Lily because she is the one and he knows it!

Lily has just got the job she has always wanted, doing what she absolutely loves…coding but when on a girl’s night, she meets Ryan she has no idea that he just happens to be the guy that owns the business. That initial meeting opens Ryan’s eyes to the fact that this woman matters because he just can’t get her out of his head and despite the fact he had no idea if he would ever see her again, he was smitten.

Luckily for him when the s**t hits the fan and his company is on the line, the one person that just might be able to help save him is the one person that he didn’t even know worked for him, but now he does he is ready for anything! And so is Lily because having safely guarded her virginity up until now, handing it over to the formidable Ryan is a no brainer and once they set on that path, the fire between them is certainly turned all the way up!

They have a lot to contend with, the threat to his business is one that is very, very real and they have to really put their heads together to find a way to save it, and I found that element of mystery and intrigue really kept me guessing.

I also liked the fact that despite the fact that Ryan was a guy that was used to wielding power with absolute authority, it was him that was on the back foot. He knew how he felt about Lily but just didn’t know how to actually express those feelings and watching him figure it out and her overcoming how she feels about him and his approach to relationships is engaging.

A highly entertaining and very well written story…highly recommended

Topic: Her Boss by Roxeanne Rolling

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