Halligan to my Axe by Lani Lynn Vale

Now, I loved the first book in the series and had a feeling that the series was just going to get better and better – this is one of the occasions where I am delighted to be right!

These bikers have hearts of gold and I for one am revelling it their stories. The club is beginning to come to life before my eyes and the antics have me perched precariously on the edge of my seat.

We get out first introduction to Addy and Viddy in this book but they are sure to be top of my list of laugh out loud characters – they are so bloody funny!! The chat and banter that goes between all the characters is written with pinpoint accuracy it is like listening to them in actual conversation and I love the fact that this gives perspective and depth to not only their storyline but also their character.

Again the author instils much more into the book with her creativity and the underlying hints of not only mystery but danger that are abound in the story. It is a welcome distraction from the romance and passion and in a way helps bring out the personalities of the characters.

But what about the romance I hear you say - well this time it is Kettle and Addy’s turn to add fuel to their particular fire, but thank the lord that Kettle is a firefighter because they may need something to douse the flames.

Kettle (Taigo to give him his proper name) is a member of Sebastian’s ( you remember him right? from book 1) team at the firehouse in smouldering hot but I do him an injustice when I say he is a member of Sebastian’s team, his is more than that, he is his best friend and fellow MC club member. They have a history that stretches back almost a decade and following the incident with Sebastian he has been dedicated to proving that he can protect everyone he loves, be that in the firehouse, the MC , wherever.

But nothing lasts forever and when he sees that Sebastian is moving on with his life, he decides that he needs to follow his friends lead and have a good looks at what he wants for his future. He needs a woman of his own.

Addy is just a great character, lives with her twin sister Viddy and teaches high school chemistry in Benton. She’s seen Kettle around town, paying particular attention when she has seen him out running near their home. It would be rude not to stare – now wouldn’t it?

But when he rocks up at her apartment on a call, she takes her chance and they strikes up a conversation. Polite conversation may be enough to start with but these two are destined to be so much more than just friends, and given time that is exactly what they get.

I love the secondary situations that are aired in these books, the author fills every single minute with words that matter, people who we need to know about and situations that add nothing but value to the story, it is a superb writing style and helps to provide a first class reading experience.

This book has much more than Addy and Kettle, it has Vinny, Addy’s sister a spunky little thing that despite being blind refuses to miss out on life in any way shape of form, she is full on and loving every minute of it. We get a little more info on a few more of the guys from the MC – Loki sounds really interesting! It also brings forward a whole host of folk who the pair have loved and left behind and a family situation that has disaster written all over it!

Once again I have to say that this is a cracking series and book three is calling me!!!