Hero, The Assignment by M S Parker

Looking for a hero?

Well you just might have found one, because MS Parker dishes up a master class in how to make your reader drool!

Haze may be a military man but that is not what stole my heart – it was him, the man himself in all his glory – he was an exquisite torture.

One night that was all he had with a sexy little thing he had hauled from the pool at a party, saving her spoilt ass in the process but bailing out of town the following morning without a backwards glance was what Haze did and he didn’t think anything more about it… little did he know that, that wouldn’t be the last he would see of Leighton.

Leighton grew up with everything life could possibly give but after the passing of her parents she has been living under the guidance of her grandfather and she is desperate to climb out from beneath his powerful shadow.

Waking up on her own after the night she spent with Haze was a body check to her ego but much like Haze, she was yet to know that their paths would cross again, fate had more in mind for this pair.

It takes almost 4 years and a tragic incident to bring them back together, Haze saves the life of Leighton brother when they come under attack but the event means that Haze’s military career is over – the injuries sustained will live with him forever, shaping the life he can now lead.

Guilt and gratitude, guide Leighton’s grandfather into offering Haze a job but is it one he is willing to take, seeing as it is to protect the woman that has plagued his thought on an almost daily basis since their one fateful night?

Now I liked the fact that neither of them was willing to speak up first and confess to their night together, both burying their heads in the sand and determining to try and ignore the fact that they are crazy about each other. The chemistry and tension between the two of them was just electrifying!!!

She is infuriating and drives him to distraction but when his feeling conflict him he has to make a decision on what to do for the best and leaving the job seems like the best solution all round, That is until Leighton’s grandfather ups the ante and Haze is left with an internal conflict that he has to conquer and a woman that is ultimately in danger… he can’t leave now, can he?

Topic: Hero, The Assignment by M S Parker

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