Neighbors by Stylo Fantome

My first book by this author and while I am not exactly sure what I expected the story to be, what I am sure of is that this was not it.

What you get from this story will in my opinion depend not only on who you are but also whether or not the situations that are brought up in the story are going to push buttons that for some may be leaning a little on the uncomfortable side.

Katya is ready to embrace a change, to find the woman that she really wants to be and to let that inhibited side of herself that she has kept so safely locked away out to play …finally!

So, a bit like waiting for a bus, nothing or nobody pushing those particular buttons in your life for and then two turn up at once, Katya goes from being the shrinking violet, the consummate wall flower to having the undivided attention of two men, at the same time…although not “at the same time” if you get my drift.

There is no cheating in this book the situation is very clearly laid out from the beginning but that didn’t mean that I actually liked the fact that she was willing to hop from one to another so to speak. I’m not a fan of situations where I can tell almost straight off the bat that someone is going to get burned because it means that I spend much of the book waiting for the penny to drop and I am often left with a sinking feeling in my gut that it is going to be the guy that I’m rooting for that is going to get the rough end of the stick, but was I right in this case?

I liked the authors style, the characters were well written and the connections were handled well, I liked that there was a little sneaky mystery that bubbled along just under the main storyline and I think this added a much needed distraction.

Overall, I like the story but I just don’t think I liked Katya very much.

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