Until Sage

by Aurora Rose Reynolds

When it comes to alpha men, there are few that can be more alpha than Sage Mayson and in the hands of the magnificent Aurora Rose Reynolds it was foregone conclusion that I was going to fall totally in love with him.

There have been  interactions in the past between both Sage and Kimberley and they have been seen in previous stories, so when it came the opportunity for them to have their own story I was chomping at the bit to get my hands on the two of them.

I thought the drama was totally encapsulating or that might just have been the fact that I was drooling over Sage. There was a lot going on but I thought that the author was able to show that they were able to overcome their tragedy and move on because now that they are back together, there is not a chance that Sage was going to let her go again, this time he was playing for keeps!!

The only question was would Kim be singing from the same page?

Fantastic story, written as only Aurora Rose Reynolds can…fabulously full tilt!!!!

Topic: Until Sage by Aurora Rose Reynolds

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