Uncontrollable Temptations

by Janine Infante Bosco


President of Satan’s Knights, Jack “Bulldog” Parrish has never been normal, or so the world has believed and in many ways he has never sought to prove them wrong.

But when life pulls the rug out from under him and his life bottoms out, he is facing the fact that his misfortune may present an opportunity to those that would like to see him finished.

Jack has to fight to keep his enemies at bay and at times his struggle was far from easy but at others he truly was his own worst enemy and I could have wrung his neck myself!

But just when he least expected it, in walked Reina DeCarlo and his world shifted on its axis.

Jack lived in darkness, it was where he was able to function and where his world made sense but Reina was a breath of fresh air and a bolt of lightning all wrapped up in one beautiful package, but could neither of them survive what the other had to offer?

Reina wasn’t living, she had been there and tried that and it had chewed her up and spat her out, leaving her constantly scared by the nightmare that was her past.  He is existing, stumbling from day to day with no purpose and no direction, there is no light in her life and in that respect, she and Jack had more in common that was probably healthy.

But there is a draw, an inexplicable pull between the two of them that defied their pasts, that refused to pay heed to their warnings and fought to find its future… one the two of them would be able to survive.

I must say that, while reading this book, I was overwhelmed on so many occasions that it was impossible not to cry. This was not a light and fluffy read, it was dark and it was intense but then with what they had been through I would have expected nothing less, this was a super emotional read about two broken souls and what it took for them to not only find their way to each other but also to their future.

Topic: Uncontrollable Temptations by Janine Infante Bosco

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