Snow Balls by Andie M Long

What a fabulous way to while away some time, this super smart, super funny little novella was a pleasure to read.

This is Tyler’s book and I was thrilled that we got to hear his thoughts on what was going on, the author completely nailed telling the story from his point of view.

I giggled my a$$ off at his musing and mutterings, really he had me chuckling so often I had to try and at least look contrite on more than one occasion, perhaps reading in the office wasn’t such a good idea.

Tyler has lived every day of his life under the comfortable wing of his mum and dad, they gave fair warning that he had to start to review his living arrangements but when they eventually give him the ever loving boot so to speak, he is completely mortified.

No amount of skulduggery is going to change their minds and despite his devious schemes, he has met his match because his mum is having none of his shenanigans and is more than a match for her belligerent boy.

Tyler’s journey from his cosseted life at home into the big bad world will make you smile, as you get to see him finally transitioning from boy to man, Tyler has to finally face the fact that he is a grown up and while he might not like the idea he eventually gets with the program.

The author really has worked her magic with this book, it has everything you could possibly want or need.

Topic: Snow Balls by Andie M Long

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