Infatuation by River Savage

From the minute I finished Incandescent ( book one in the series), I have been a River Savage devotee and the opportunity to read each and every book has been one that I have treasured, the guys she brings to life are simply staggering, I loved Nix and still do, I was stunned speechless by Sy and blown away by Jesse’s but this time it is Beau that gets the Savage treatment and I think that River may just have surpassed all my expectations, picking a favourite one of these guys would be like selecting your favourite child, impossible. They all bring their own brand of broody, tortured sexy to the table but they also have a history that is more engaging and directional that you could ever imagine.

Beau past is steeped in tragedy, especially the situation surrounding his sister. The guilt he feels while it may be unwarranted to us from the outside, it is his driving force. His motivation for doing what he does.

In the last book it was clear that Beau was becoming more involved in the underground movement of helping vulnerable women to escape from abusive partners. A trafficking program that uses a network of safe houses to allow women and their children the opportunity to escape and start again.

But when he assisted Mackenzie Moore to escape her lunatic husband, there was a connection made that despite the fact they would never see each other again, he couldn’t help but feel.

Beau was so committed to the cause that, that alone should have made it clear that this man does nothing lightly. If he goes into something, he give it everything he has , so when a bruised Mackenzie turns up at the clubhouse, his fate is sealed because giving her up again is something that while he knows he should, he also knows that he hasn’t a hope of ever being able to do. The bond between them is too intense.

Mackenzie’s husband has found her, after 18 months hiding out, she tracked her down and she barely managed to get away with her life, well that is what she tells Beau on arrival at the club and Beau knows that letting her stay at the club is not an easy ask, the guys at the club will be brought into a potentially volatile situation, especially when her father in law, the mayor gets wind of the fact that she is back in town.

But turning her away is not an option, Beau has claimed her and she is under the protection of the club, whether they like it or not. But Beau and Mackenzie have a slow and steady relationship, both of them know that they harbour feelings but neither of them are willing to act up them, both have secrets.

Beau has delectations that he knows a woman like Mackenzie will struggle to come to terms with, let alone embrace and he sure ain’t going to set off her nightmares just because he likes complete submission! But there is only so much dithering around that they can stomach because no matter what, the desire between the two of them was always going to win.

But can Mackenzie be the woman he needs, this woman is made of much more than even Beau has given her credit for and when her full story comes to light, he is in for a rude awakening.

They were so fabulous together, theirs really was a meeting of both body and soul. I loved the commitment they had to each other, the fact that they settled in to a pseudo domestic routine, made me think that they were going to make it, little did I know that their happiness was not yet guaranteed.

I loved the fact that the rest of the club are prominent in this story, I know that Nix and Beau have a past that has them tighter than most and that other guys were great but it was the ladies that came into their own in this story, Kadence especially has grown into the perfect Pres’s Old Lady.

The story was glorious in as much as it was an uncovering of emotions, an awakening of what it is like to find the one person that you know you are meant to be with, no matter the circumstances. Beau and Mackenzie may have had an unconventional beginning but they had a bond that couldn’t be broken. Love tied them together, it saw in each other a kindred spirit, a reason to not only fight the pain of the past but to fight for the future they deserved.

River Savage gave me a story that I both wanted and needed to read, it gave me more of the MC and showed me how the character’s that I have come to care about have moved on and grown, how their lives have changed and in the case of Brooks and Kelly, she dealt a sucker punch blow that means if I could, I would be holding my breath until the next book.


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