Hard to Fall by Marquita Valentine

There is nothing normal about either Saylor Dean or Hayden Walker lives, or so you would think if you looked at their families but that is not what defines them, their lives are what they have chosen to make it and while they both have external pressures that could quite possibly be more than they are willing to bear, would being able to share it together make the situation all the more tolerable or would it just add to their woes?

Hayden is a fire fighter and a darn good one but his politically powerful father could very well be about to bring everything he loves crashing down around his ears, and all because of a silly promise he made when he was just a teenager, one that stated that he either married or followed dutifully in his father’s footsteps and ran for political office.

Now Hayden wants no part of either really but one night with Saylor as they celebrate their friend’s wedding and his decision may just have become a whole lot easier because this wonderfully quirky woman might just be the answer to his prayers…. if only he could recall the night in question! And I say that because if he could he might realise that he has already fulfilled his promise to his father!

Saylor’s mother is the star in Saylor’s life and that had both advantages and disadvantages for her as she grew up. She wanted for nothing but being the child of a Hollywood superstar wasn’t always easy. Raised by her mother alone, since she was the result of her mother’s affair with who we now learn was a married Senator with a family of his own by the time Saylor made an appearance.

Little do we know that the connection between her and Hayden also stretches to a connection between his dad and hers. This was never going to be pleasant!

I like the main characters but I think I was looking for a little bit more from those around them. I didn’t like Saylor’s father but his influence wasn’t explored as much as I wanted. I also struggled with the whole Star Wars gig, sorry I am not a huge fan of the films, so much of her references were lost on me and in the end I was just peeved. But more than that, what really, really got me was the fact that she kept the wedding thing to herself for so long…I lost count how many time is was muttering to the kindle for her to just give the guy a break and just tell him!!!

But then again I was doing much the same with Hayden and his procrastinating about letting his father know that he didn’t want to run of office, that he was happy being a fire fighter, surely he could have manned up earlier than he did, or was that just me and my wishful thinking again?

The story was well written it had everything a great story needed, but for me, this wasn’t my favourite by this author but still a highly recommended read

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