Southern Sweets by Cori Williams

This trotted along at a fair pace, sometime sit took a bit of a breather and gave me a chance to take stock but then it was off again and I was knee deep in detail. It had so much crammed onto each page that I was reluctant to put the book down.

It was written beautifully and wasn’t a run of the mill love story. It angst and attitude peppered throughout the storyline.

You will enjoy the emotional pushing and pulling that goes on between Amelia and Tanner, it is sometimes difficult to understand where they are going to find a middle ground, after all they had more than enough to get out of the way before they could find their way back to any sort of normal.

Tanner broke Amelia’s heart when he went back on his word and the returned to his previous relationship, even though his motivation was genuinely for the right reason, it is hard to turn your back on someone when they are in dire need, his desire to help the woman he once loved, showed me the sort of man he really was and I thought highly of him for that. But then again I wasn’t Amelia and I could understand that she was in no hurry to let him hurt her again.

But time moves on and eventually Tanner is back on the scene and doing everything he can to win her back, but is his task futile?

Amelia gives as good as she gets and the battle of wills that ensues is a really engaging read.

I think you will enjoy your time with this pair, they will certainly hold your attention!

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