3 Times the Heat

by Sapphire Knight

The book didn’t just ride its southern charm like it’s life depended on it, nope so did Clyde and I think that if there was a guy like Clyde in my life I think I would be a puddle on the floor because he wielded that charm like a weapon!

Clyde and Shyla have history but is it a history that they can overcome?

Or will the pain that they both feel be enough to keep them in opposite corners, because they certainly seemed like they were ready to square off, but why?

They have loved each other for so long, Clyde knew with all his heart that she was the girl for him but when she rejected him, this southern hottie was dead set on the fact that she had burnt that particular bridge and forgiveness isn’t exactly a word that he likes to keep in his locker…he was done!

Shayla had always been Clyde’s girl and even though she had broken his heart, she had done it for the right reasons, or so she thought at the time, but time and tide waits for no man, so now she is back to prove to the only man that she has ever loved that they belong together…well, good luck with that!!

I liked the story and eventually warmed to Shayla but all that pales into insignificance because I loved Clyde

Topic: 3 Times the Heat by Sapphire Knight

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