Hate Me

by Jaxson Kidman

Well for f**k’s sake, how the heck am I supposed to put into words just how amazing this book is?

I am totally flabbergasted! Jaxson Kidman, you are quite simply epic!!

From the very first sentence, I was on tenterhooks, by the end of the first chapter,the hairs on the back of my neck were stood on end and I just knew that I had something very special in my hands.

Now, don’t get me wrong Mason isn’t the sort of guy that you are going to love every single minute of the read, there are times when you will wish that you could reach into the page and wring his neck but bear with him because there is more to this man than first appearances would suggest.

I suppose some would suggest that the term man whore could have been penned just for Mason and I agree he had the whole lifestyle down pat, but that wasn’t all that he was, so it was obvious that when he eventually fell it was going to be of epic proportions, and tahdah!!! I give you Violet!

She was just the woman to wrangle his sexy ass into line, she had an answer for every eventuality that being with a guy like Mason could ever throw at her and she was able to handle him with absolute aplomb, he never saw this unyielding, feisty force of nature coming and that made her impact in his life all the more fascinating.

Emotionally this hits hard, it kept me on my toes right up until the very end, when it took a turn I hadn’t expected and I felt floored!

Really ladies just you wait!!

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