Game Winner by Collette West


So what happens when a sporting goliath and music royalty meet… well Game Winner lays it all out for us.
Two people who should never connect, to the outside world are the complete antithesis of each other but to each other are connected soul deep.
Jake Woodbury plays for the New York Kings and in the scope of things he is a sporting god but he is everything that isn’t expected from one of the team, after all he has had some super examples on how not to behave from the other guys in the team. But this beautifully kind, devilishly handsome preacher’s son, didn’t need much convincing to live a life that is as normal as his career choice would permit.
But he hides shame well, a shame that is all in his head and one that he is allowing to cloud his judgement. Because from the minute he hears Scarlett Moore singing the National Anthem his heart was lost, it was just a case of him running to keep up with it.
Scarlett is hot property but that is because she is a carefully packaged commodity controlled by a sick and vindictive man at the head of her record label, those ties are something that she is desperate to break from but to date she is struggling to made headway. Albums are expected and records need to be made, tours need to be undertaken, having a life…heck she has no time for that!
But what will happen when the one woman that is he shouldn’t want, is the only woman he can think of?
Their connection is instant and it is mutual despite the fact that neither of them can understand why but they have outside forces that they have to consider, Scarlett more so than Jake but I liked the fact that they understood those pressures, it made the fact that they were so involved so quickly acceptable.
I didn’t like the doubt that they tortured themselves with, the way Jake found it hard to let go of the guilt surrounding the conclusion of his previous relationship it seemed so destructive and in a way it almost cost him everything he had ever wanted.
Scarlett on the other hand was in world of trouble with the whole situation with the record company but this feisty woman came out fighting and I was rooting for her!
I adored Jake’s parents and I love the fact that Collette always includes the rest of the team in the story – they all have such strong personalities that it is great to see them again, I don’t think any of them would quietly slip into the background ,so by including the team dynamic brings them all to life.
I have been a convert to the sport based novels, because of this series and I am really looking forward to the next book.


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