Undeniable by CA Harms

C.A Harms is my find of the year, I was a novice to her work as 2015 kicked off and now I have read everything she has written and I cannot wait to see what the New Year has to offer.

Undeniable was a super addition to this series, it had all the characters from the previous books and they brought their A game to the table as they fought to show their friend Jude that no matter how close he played the cards he held very close to his chest or how high he built the wall around his heart they would not allow him to side line them, he was their friend and they would fight their way in.

Callie has a heart that knows no boundaries when it comes to either compassion or love and she has had a thing for Jude for as long as anyone can remember but his cool attitude has always meant that there was never much opportunity for her feelings to be reciprocated.

It isn’t as if Jude is immune to the way Callie feels, he just had more important things to deal with, he has a family situation that broke my heart and responsibilities that while he more than willingly accepted, were at times more than any one person should have had to deal with alone.

But when he is cruelly and cowardly attacked and ends up in the hospital, it is his friends and Callie that step in to make sure that their reluctant patient is left in no doubt that he is not alone.

The guys step up and take immediate actions to improve their friends situation, I mean buying the housing complex and bringing it up to code…all in order to make sure they can improve Jude living conditions – jeez, that this determination!

The girls make sure that Jude’s sister and her children are cared for , or should I say that Callie does, with their support of course because she is there for Katelynn, Zoey and Matthew every step of the way, it was as if she were meant to be there, they just fit together straight away.

I knew that Jude would find the fact that his friends were doing this for him hard to accept and I could have slapped him upside the head to be honest when he started to dish out more attitude than was acceptable but his pride was his downfall, he just didn’t want to admit it.

But most of the time I was completely captivated by him, he was a lonely man that needed nothing more than a woman that was prepared to love him unconditionally and in Callie he had that…when the penny dropped in his head, I don’t think I could wipe the smile from my face.

While the love that grew and developed between Jude and Callie, made my heart sing, the author kept things crystal clear with the underlying storyline, an all to familiar experience for far too many families and as I read the story I have to say much of this situation was through a mist of tears. I think that the author tackled an intensely emotional and sensitive situation with the clarity and sensitivity that I have come to expect from her and I was so glad that Matthew and Zoey had her to rely on, she did them proud.

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