The Trouble with Paper Planes

by Amanda Dick


This is a book that will own your soul by the time you finish the last word.

It is beautifully written and delivered with such feeling that it would be impossible not to allow it to take root.

The characters were so realistic, so complete that I could almost feel their hearts pulse through the pages. I just couldn’t put the book down.

The story was not all sweetness and light it was both damaged and raw in parts and called for rather a large bundle of tissues on more than one occasion.

But it was able to fill my heart with hope and that was a wonderful feeling.

The story meandered beautifully through the full range of human emotions, it ambled through the love that it was unable to contain, it oozed charm and character but it wept tears as it tried desperately to shy away from the grief that clouded its every being.

I loved the fact that I journeyed this with them but was thankful when I finished, emotionally wrung out but happy that I had read something that was a break from the norm.

The book doesn’t follow the normal path and those that have read will be able to understand where I am coming from when I say this, this a path of stepping stones that are dotted across its own river – there is no bridge to turn this into an easy journey.

Go On – get your feet wet as you leap from stone to stone, this book is worth it!

Topic: The Trouble with Paper Planes by Amanda Dick

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