Miles Away by Addison Kline


The cover was the pull, the synopsis sounded interesting and add the fact that it is an Addison Kline book and I was never not going to read it. But did it live up to my expectations?

Well the whole mafia backdrop meant that there was enough intrigue and conflict in it and it certainly had characters to hold my attention but I just don’t know, how to really rate the story.I think I need to read it again to clarify in my own head exactly how I feel.

As part of the mafia, Miles learnt a hash lesson when he is sent to prison for a crime he didn’t commit and all because he chose to put his family first. This young man thought his loyalty lay with his mother, the woman that brought him into the world and that was being cruelly taken from him, a son showing love and compassion for a woman that he loved without reservation. It was despicable that those around him didn’t feel the same way…and unbelievably that included his father.

But did it include the girl that he had given his heart too? Because when his punishment was dished out and he was committed to prison, she was conspicuous by her absence.

Seventeen years for murder, for a crime that he had nothing to do with, Seventeen years to try and piece together what the heck was going on and to work out what he was going to do about it. After all this is not the sort of thing that he could possibly let go unpunished?

But his revenge on those that had inflicted this on him is not the only thought that occupies his every waking moment, after all he can’t help but consider what has happened to Letty. He never forgot her he wrote constantly but he got nothing in return, personally I would have found that hard to take but he had a heart that needed to have her in it and as much as his determination to get to the truth of what had happened, he also wanted his woman back and he was prepared to fight to achieve that goal.  

So, I got what had put him in prison, I got the connection that he had with Letty and I got his determination to remedy the wrong he had endured, but what sort of took the edge off was the lilt of the story, I just wanted it to light me up and it didn’t. It had me engaged somewhat but it was more through curiosity that desire.

Being out of prison was no picnic, he had a fight on his hands just to make sense of each and every day and in a way I think the violence that surrounded the story detracted from the romance that I was looking for.

The love between them was easy to fall in love with, but it wasn’t easy in itself, they had issues but they took what they had and made it work for them. Letty was a strong woman and that was a good thing because she needed to be.

If I had to pick I would say that my favourite thing in the whole book – or no that is rude, my favourite person was Landon and I would give my eye teeth to know what that quite man had running through his head.

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