Puppy Love

by Kelly Moran

Starting over, after her divorce Avery Stowe upped sticks and is now living in Redwood Ridge, keeping herself to herself she is doing what she can it make a better life for her and her daughter autistic Hailey.

Hailey’s is Avery’s primary concern, unfortunately it wasn’t her ex-husbands but with no-one to lean on she is ready to be both mom and dad to her little girl, but when Hailey disappears from home on their very first night in town. The bottom drops out of her world!

When she is eventually found Hailey has an injured stray with her that she is in no hurry to part with, so Avery does what she has to do and packs them off to the vet. This was a meeting that you would have thought should be fairly uneventful after all Avery has just arrived in town but there is nothing uneventful about Cade O’Grady, the vet.

I loved Cade, so passionate, he jumped straight in an tore a strip off Avery for what he perceived was her negligence, with reference to the injured dog but he couldn’t have been further from the truth and despite the fact that he eventually realises he has put his foot in his mouth, issuing an apology to Avery may be tougher than it should be…she is having none of it.

Avery eventually get herself a new job, god only knows how she took it because she eventually ends up as the new office manager at the veterinary surgery working with none other than Cade.

His brothers couldn’t help but stick their oar in!

I loved how the town took Avery to their heart, how they helped and encouraged her and how she welcomed that interaction, she loved the place and many of the townsfolk fell in love with her too. But could she see her way to accepting what was right in front of her face…the chance to be happy, with a guy that was willing to offer her a darn sight more than she ever thought she would be looking for again?

You will adore Cade, he had it all going on and I was secretly praying that he would make Avery see that just because she had been burned by her ex didn’t mean that she should tar all men with the same brush, he could give her forever is she would let him.

Superb start to the series, looking forward to what comes next.

Topic: Puppy Love by Kelly Moran

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