by Michelle Irwin

Wow, this was a tough read, the things that Phoebe has gone through had my head in my hands.

Taken captive she is put through what can only be described as a living hell but this is a woman that made of tougher stuff than most. Her father Declan and Beau are at a strained truce almost, Declan sure that Beau isn’t all that he appears to be and that he is in some way responsible for Phoebe’s situation but he is willing to put his misgivings aside for the time being at least as they battle to find Phoebe.

Beau was in a state of absolute turmoil, working alongside a man that he knows would willing throttle him for breaking his daughters heart but knowing that without a shadow of a doubt his heart is wherever Phoebe is, he loves her unquestionable but will he get the chance to tell her?

I thought Beau was a great character, he was what and who I would have wanted in a leading man but it was Declan that was the leading man in this pack and he wasted not a single minute of ensuring that everyone knew that he was the main man, his little girl was his responsibility and he was willing to stop at nothing to find her and god help anyone that got in his way!

I thought the pace of the story was fairly swift, the author didn’t dilly dally, she took the bull by the horns much I would anticipate Declan doing and made sure that the storyline, characters and I were along for the ride.

I would like to say one thing, this is an author that is an absolute master of the written word, nothing is out of place, no word is used in error, everything is pitched and punctuated to absolute perfection. I found her tone and tenacity were beautiful, I felt completely engrossed and joyously addicted.

My only hope is that with the next book that my heart gets the opportunity to smile for Beau.

Topic: Beastly by Michelle Irwin

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