Put Out

by Lani Lynn Vale

Lani Lynn Vale is probably the only author that I will actually stop reading whatever I currently on my kindle to start her book for. Just knowing that I have one of her books sitting on my e-reader and not actually reading it is just too much for me, I simply can’t cope!

So when Put Out barrelled onto my screen, I was all set.

The story is about Bowe and Angie and is another in the Kilgore Fire Series, if you haven’t read them yet…what the heck are you waiting for you are missing out big time! I love each and every one of the guys in the department and their women are the perfect partners for them, so when it came to finding the right woman for Bowe, I had been wondering who Lani would have in store.

Bowe knows who he wants, but so far, he hasn’t been able to do anything about it but considering his past and the fact that he has had a rough trot in the relationship department up until now, it was no surprise that initially we find him dating via the internet, that was right up until he saw something inadvertently that he shouldn’t have and let’s just say that, that relationship was over the minute he closed the laptop!

Bowe wanted Angie, but her past is like a road map of how to get done over without even trying, she just seemed to have always been on the receiving end of some totally miserable human beings! Her father was a douche, her ex, well he was even worse, the guy was a compete lunatic but one with friends in very high places, it was as if he was Teflon coated…nothing stuck, not even when he attacked her.

As you would expect the drama is ramped up as the book progresses but there is always a seamless layer of mystery running just beneath the surface of the story, neither of them get through the story unscathed, Bowe is injured and Angie feels responsible, even though it was nothing to do with her. From then on, they are thrown together and even when they hit their rough patch, in my heart I just knew that they were destined for the long haul.

Bowe’s interaction with Angie’s daughter was delightful, it brought the biggest smile to my face, almost more than Bowe and Angie.

I love the fact that the other guys in the team and present yet again, the series is just that, a series of interactions that might focus on a different couple each time but the never leaves the other guys out in the cold, they all pitch in and in my opinion that is what make this so great, it covers more than most and is totally immersive.

I could witter on and wax lyrical for far longer than is actually acceptable, just because I love the books so much but I think you might have already got that message by now, so to sum it up… please read this, I promise you will not be disappointed.

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