by Laramie Briscoe

Looking for a bad boy trying to turn his life around, then look no further – Patrick “Trick” Tennyson is all that and more but it is the more that will set your heart a flutter!

Out of jail and on probation Patrick is doing everything he can to stay on the right side of the bars this time and that means community service. So far it hasn’t exactly gone to plan but he is sticking with the companion service and despite the fact that the previous kids he has been introduced too haven’t workout out, this time he is facing a completely different situation.

Hadley is doing everything she can to help her little girl Riley to find her happiness again. At only six, she wasn’t really involved in the events that surrounded her parents’ divorce, but that didn’t mean that she wasn’t devastated, after all her father not only moved out, he moved on and this little girl lost her daddy and it was heart-breaking.

Hadley thought she had the perfect marriage right up until she didn’t anymore, left with little more than her daughter to her name, she was determined to start over. Like so many women starting out again she stood tall and refused to break, she dug her heels in and forged a life for Riley and herself that was the best she could possible make it but she couldn’t be the father that Riley needed, she couldn’t be that male role model but she could find someone to be that for her and so she signed them up for the Companions Program…surely this was her best shot.

Now to many Patrick Tennyson was no role model at all but he has a heart that Riley completely captures from their first introduction. He felt a pull towards her that he could barely contain, he wanted nothing more than to make her smile, to make her feel like every little girl of that age should feel…so very special. This was the one time that he was keeping his fingers crossed that the program would really work, that he could focus on being the best guy for Riley, to protect her, to listen to her, I didn’t get the impression that he was looking for anything like a father figure role, more like be a favourite uncle…to show her that he cared and that if she needed anything he was her go to guy, he would always be there for her, he wanted her to need him almost as much as he needed her, and not just to keep his butt out of jail.

Wow, could this little girl and her momma be the future that Patrick never believed he deserved let alone would get, well that remains to be seen and I am saying nothing more because you need to read the path they travel for yourself.

I liked Hadley, she had an inner strength that the author allowed to poke through the storyline, Riley was as cute as a button and I hated the fact that her father was such a sh**ty dad, she deserved better than he was ever going to have been able to give. I loved Patrick, he called as he saw it and didn’t hide behind any false pretences, what you saw was what you got and that was an endearing quality in my book.

He was honest with Riley and Hadley and it was impossible not to admire that about him, he cared and it showed and more importantly Riley knew!

As you would expect things don’t exactly run 100% to plan but this wasn’t an angst riddled read it flowed well, characters were engaging and the plot was exactly what it pertained to be.

An Enjoyable read .

Topic: Trick by Laramie Briscoe

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