On the Line

by Victoria Denault

This was a quiet Sunday afternoon read and while it didn’t exactly blow me away it did find it quite therapeutic. I found it relaxing and that is the perfect way to spend a weekend.

I found Avery a little perplexing at points and initially he was edging towards getting on my nerves but I was glad I stuck with him because in the end I found that I actually quite liked the guy, so I’m please I gave him the chance to show me what he was made of so to speak. Saying that I was really pleased that Stephanie wasn’t prepared to take any of his nonsense, that she was willing to stand up for herself and almost force him to take a good hard look at not only what his actions were going to cost him but how he could put things right and that wasn’t only with Stephanie.

Stephanie was just what Avery didn’t know he wanted so to speak but he had a mind set to amend in order to not only get her but keep her too.

Could he?

Well, I loved the connection between the two of them, it was given time to evolve, and that is often a much forgotten part of any relationship. They got to know each other and I mean outside of the bedroom.

Overall this was a sound read, it kept me entertained and the, main characters kept me engaged but it was the secondary characters that stole the show. Seb…yep he is my man so hands off ladies! And Alex, if Seb doesn’t work out I think I might just keep him too.

Topic: On the Line by Victoria Denault

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