by Ker Dukey


There are some books and some characters that make you take a good look at what and who they are and shake your head and in this the last of Ker Dukey’s Empathy series, I was doing a tad more than just shaking my head – I was left scratching it in awe!

Brian and Melody are trying to come to terms with Ryan’s death.

Cereus on the other hand refuses to accept that Ryan is gone and her subconscious has her holding on to the fact that if he really was gone, she would feel it in her soul, because the connection between them is tangible that without him, her heart may as well stop beating.

Some may consider that the relationship that has evolved and grown between Cereus and Ryan is in some way taboo, I don’t see it that way – I think she has given him the opportunity to show who he really can be. 

He cares more for her than he does for himself and in that respect he earned my respect!

Ker, has dished up yet another stunning instalment of what has to be described as one of the most primal and visceral series on the market.

This is a book that takes love and multiplies it tenfold, it opens your eyes to the fact that no two people love in the same way and that the ability to love is not inherent, we learn to love from the love we see around us and because of that we allow our love to evolve.

This is a book that opened my eyes to the shades of life that would normally pass not only me but most people by and for that I have to say I found the story enthralling.