Unhinged by Timberlyn Scott


Timberlyn Scott - the name may be different but what you get with this is unadulterated Nicole Edwards – no matter how the book is labelled!

I admit that I am an out and out fan of every single piece of work produced by Nicole Edwards – so when this one appeared on my horizon, I was bursting to get my hands on it. Who wouldn’t want to see what else the delightful Ms Edwards has up her sleeve? 

Unhinged is not remotely similar to say the Club Destiny or Alluring Indulgence series and I think that I can grasp the need for the deviation and I have to say that after reading the book – this latest venture definitely gets the thumbs up from me!

I loved the characters, Payton Fowler is a scream - her inner monologue was just brilliant – she was as sharp as a tack in some respects but perfectly dumb.

Sebastian Trovato is a whole different ball game – he has an air about him that bodes both dark and mysterious but yet hot and humorous at the same time. His dream is Payton but they have never met, so how does the woman that plagues his sleep end up standing in front of him?

Sebastian’s relationship with his father is not just strained it is tortured and I can’t wait to get more of that story in the next book – I want Sebastian to give as good as he gets and to make his father pay – not just by him being disrespectful which apparently can do at the drop of a hat! But by teaching him a lesson!! Family is should never be an inconvenience!

Payton is the key to Sebastian’s HEA, whether she knows it or not but will she want to be included when she finally gets to see the whole picture, I hope so because this pair together could be phenomenal.

The secondary characters, Payton’s roommates and Sebastian’s two best friends added to the entertainment of the story – they were just kids hanging out, shooting the breeze – and that game reality and substance to the situation with Payton and Sebastian because both of them have background that has yet to be shared with each other but which needs to be included in the story.

The situation with Payton’s father and his garage was interesting – I have inkling or perhaps it is just a hope that I know what may happen there and I am keeping my fingers crossed that I am right.

But I have to say that the book wasn’t the only thing left unhinged – I may have lost a few marbles along the way and that ending – dear lord!!