by Andi Jaxon & AJ Alexander

I never thought I would see the day that Justin would find his woman and settle down but in this the last of the Seal’ed series, so it was time for Justin to do just that.

It was going to take a very special woman to win this guy over and with Becca that is exactly what we got, a once bitten twice shy single mum, who despite her previous heartache was willing to give the immediate connection that she felt when she met Justin, a chance to develop and boy did it!

I loved the two of them, the fact that they had an almost enforced period of courtship, the time that he was deployed was time that they could take to get to know all about each other, it made sure that they both knew what they were getting into by the time he returned from deployment.

From the outset I was smitten by the connection between this pair, they were separate halves of the same soul, they belonged together, and it was wonderful watching them find that out for themselves.


Topic: Faith by Andi Jaxon & AJ Alexander

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