Adjournment by Emersyn Vallis

Sidney and Simon had their moment, but they also had their heartache. When she left home, she left him behind but she never really let him go, her heart always kept him close.

Sometimes as much as fate can be a cruel mistress, it can also be the means by which two old lovers can have their second bite at the cherry. The opportunity to get right what went wrong so long ago.

It may have taken a decade but they are back in each-other’s company have decisions to not only make afresh but to reconcile from the past.

Simon is determined to do everything he can to right his wrongs, to show Sidney that he is a better man, the man that she always wanted to be for her but never thought he could, the man she deserves. And this time he is going to stop at nothing to keep her in his life.

But how can she trust him again, juts how much has he changed …really? Why set herself up for more heartache, I could understand almost ever doubt she had but what I couldn’t get over was the fact that she hadn’t really ever gotten over him either. She has loved him all along and he knows it because while she carried her love for him internally, Simon has never been far from her side, she may have refused to emotionally cut ties but for him, it what much deeper than that, he has watched over her from his self-appointed distance, certain that when the time was right they could be together again. Now it might have been a little on the stalkerish side but I quite liked his resolve that she was always his, it was only a matter of time.

Word of warning though ladies, Simon isn’t a solo act…. Oh no this man has his two equally hot brothers in two and when I say equally hot I do mean exactly that because this delicious alpha male is a triplet, and his mirror images are like him in every way – testosterone overload, yippee!!

You will be entranced by the brothers but when you add the McAllister sisters into the storyline you have a tale that just scoots along, the conversations were funny a with a sensual undertone that lifted the whole story.

I will admit that there were bits of the story that confused me, but I am hoping that as part of the series, the gaps I have now will all be filled in as the other books take shape.

A well written story that leaves room for the reader to exercise their imagination.

Topic: Adjournment by Emmersyn Vallis

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