Paris for One and Other Stories

by Jojo Moyes

I read this a while back but for some reason have sat on the notes that made in preparation for the review – I think that was because I don’t normally publish reviews on books that I have not finished and unfortunately this is the case with this book, I enjoyed Paris for One but will admit that I wasn’t that enamoured with any of the others hence the fact that I call time on the book before the end.

Nell’s story in Paris for One was one that I could get on board with, the fact that she had anticipated her boyfriend joining her on her trip only to be let down, allowed her the opportunity to find herself, to take a good look at who she is and through the events that unfold it was interesting to watch her grow. Her development as the story progressed was fascinating and gave me plenty of food for thought.

With regards to the other stories in the book, I think the author was endeavouring to development of not just characters but also her working style. I appreciate the additional works, but for me most of them were neither here nor there and gave me no great insight into whether I wanted to know more, the snippets juts weren’t enough for me to be engaged, although I will admit that there were a couple that I would have liked to have been a little longer as they drew me in – only to spit me out a little too quickly.

Because of For Paris for One alone,  I would say this wasn’t a total bust but I would have liked a little more…greedy I know.


Topic: Paris for One and Other Stories by Jojo Moyes

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