Dirty Player

by Mira Lyn Kelly

Such a sweet read, one that follows the journey of Greg and Jules from high school friendship, through a decade of career choices and their continued connection through to the final destination…and let's just say its more than friends.
They have spent the last 10 years firmly ensconced in each other’s lives, Jules working as a sports reporter albeit in the field of Football and Greg, playing hockey in the NHL.
Jules has fought hard to make her mark in a male-dominated career and she is determined to live by her self-imposed rule that she will under no circumstances date a sportsman. I could see where she was coming from on that front, worried about any pushback from either fans or colleagues. But her relationship with Greg has been on the back boiler for so long that it was only a matter of time before they both had to face the fact that they have always been destined to be more than friends.
And with the realisation that Greg intends to collect on a promise made many years ago, the upcoming high school reunion takes on a whole new perspective. As much as she may have thought that the promised kiss would have been long forgotten, the truth is that Greg is determined to get his moment with the only woman that he has ever wanted.
Would a single kiss change the path that they were on, would he be able to get his woman and hold on to her or would she continue to allow her professional life to hold her back? Surely, she can see that she’s entitled to a personal life too?
I thought the characters were really engaging, I found that I wanted to see where their journey would take them, could they work through the hurdles that they put in front of themselves and that others seemed to enjoy putting in their way? I had to think that there was nothing they wouldn’t be able to overcome after all this was a relationship that was years in the making.
A solid foundation, clever writing and fantastic characterisation brought this off the page…thoroughly enjoyable.

Topic: Dirty Player by Mira Lyn Kelly

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