Plum Pudding Bride by Anne Garboczi Evans

A super clever, speedy little read that was a perfect little winter warmer.

Patience’s name suits her she has a patient streak a mile long and is in no hurry to change that particular trait. She wants things her own way and at times I thought she was so focused on what she wanted that she was almost oblivious to what was going on around her. If she had stepped back and taken a good hard look at the bigger picture she would have seen that her online foray wasn’t required.

Peter has loved patience for longer than he really wants to admit but she is having none of it but when his hand is forced and her on demand fiancé is due in town in just a few short weeks, he knows that it is now or never. So with a little help from Kitty (Patience’s sister) he has to show this stubborn woman that she is picking the wrong guy.

But will it work? Can he get through to her or will Patience slip through his grasp?

I really liked the fact there was a twist in the tale when Patience’s intended rocks up in town because not everything is what it seems and soon there is an unexpected change of direction.

The story was well written and the characters held their own, there are times when I wanted Patience to let her guard down a little, she just needed to cut loose a little more, I could have given her a good shake at times but each to their own. I enjoyed the resolution and the way everything finally fell into place. I enjoyed the fact that everything I had been secretly wishing for found its way to fruition.

Highly recommended.

Topic: Plum Pudding Bride by Anne Garboczi Evans

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