by Erin Trejo

A super start to this new series by Erin Trejo.
I love a story that is based around an MC club and everyone that being in that club brings to the fore, including a glorious plethora of sexy as sin alpha bikers and the women that own their hearts.
Close your eyes and paint a picture in your head of what you think the VP of an MC club would look like and I don’t think that someone just like Declan would be far from the surface, he was the epitome of being a biker and he left nothing on the table when it came to his club and his brothers in the club.
The question was whether the woman that the author had in mind for him was going to be a match for everything he had to offer?
Brooke was feisty, but was she able to handle a guy like Declan, I initially had my doubts, but I needn’t have worried because this straight-talking woman didn’t take long to get her man and he was more than willing to go with the flow, after all, it takes something to not run screaming from everything he had going on in his life…and she certainly no shrinking violet.
I loved the way their story developed, that they had an instant connection but that they still had the opportunity to discover the secrets that they both had hidden beneath the surface, those secrets shared made sure that this was a relationship that was built on a strong foundation, one that they both were invested in.
Of course, not everything was smooth sailing, as events start to take shape, it didn’t take long for it to become clear that whilst love may have been on the cards…danger was never far behind!

Topic: Declan by Erin Trejo

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