Be A Doll

by Stephanie Witter

Well this wasn’t at all what I thought it was going to be and there were elements that I didn’t warm too but saying that, taking the book as a whole I thought the author did a sterling job, she brought something original to the screen and I enjoyed the read.

Carter Manor, serves its purpose, it allows individuals who are looking for the same thing to connect.

Women, especially young women who have preference for older wealth men and the afore said men who are looking for a woman that is willing to be the perfect trophy wife.

Now this is what I had an issue with, I mean Lila was on the hunt for a sugar daddy and desperate people do desperate things but I actually didn’t know if she was completely at rock bottom or was she just lazy and unwilling to face a life that the rest of us face every day, so that sort of rubbed me up the wrong way. I found the whole situation of a training facility practically, morally problematic

I didn’t want to think the words Gold-diggers training camp but they were the only words I had swilling around in my head.

So with the education that she had spent years accumulating at the Manor, she is ready and willing to be someone’s perfect trophy wife (almost) but who is going to be her Mr Moneybags?

Mathis, is on the lookout for a woman but he has no time for love and romance, his proposal requirement is for nothing other than a business merger but when the Manor put him and Lila together will he get what he wants or will he feel the bite of a woman that refuses to bow to every whim?

Lila is everything any man could possibly want and Mathis can see straight through the tough shell that she likes to hide behind, he seems to really enjoy pushing every one of her buttons.

He seems to enjoy antagonising her at every opportunity, provoking a reaction from her and she wasn’t sure why he seemed to relish igniting her temper, all she knew that he was able to do it with monotonous regularity.

I didn’t get the connection between the two of them at first, I thought this was going to be a love hate relationship because it was almost as if they were indulging in a battle of wills and that they enjoyed baiting each other.

I got that Mathis was enamoured with Lila but for crying out loud man, behave!

Did I like the story? Well, overall that would have to be Yes.

Did I like the characters? Well that’s the rub, because No I’m sure I did.

But what I do like is the author. This was the sort of story that despite the fact that I wasn’t doubting myself and the way I felt about what was happening, I quite simply couldn’t put the book down.

Topic: Be A Doll by Stephanie Witter

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