Like Broken China

by J D Thompson

3.75 Stars
I thought the author took a sensitive situation and lay it open to the reader and whilst I thought it was to be applauded, I am also aware that it’s subject matter that may cut close to home for some and that might not be everyone’s cup of tea.
The story follows Courtney and her husband Matt. A relationship that hit the ground running, as Courtney and Matt quickly went from dating to married with a brace of kids.
But how perfect is their life, because when the secrets they hide so well are uncovered and reality hits home, it suddenly becomes apparent that there are gaps in their relationship that they may not be able to overcome…especially with the seriousness of Matt’s gambling problem because his issue doesn’t just stop with him, it leaves it a mark on the whole family.
They’re facing decisions that no matter what will leave a lasting impression not only on them as a couple but unfortunately on their children, no matter how hard they try to protect them from the fact that their life together is crumbling in a way they never considered possible.
I thought the author dealt sensitively with their predicament and was poignant in her depiction of just how traumatic rash decisions can be, how the ripple of the enormity of their predicament has the capacity to be so overwhelmingly destructive.
The story tried hard to focus on the fact that life is made up of a series of decisions, some good and some bad and not all of them are easily made, some are unceremoniously foisted upon us, but I found that the author easily illuminated the point that life in all its guises is a tally of what you achieve as a result of how you process all of those decisions.
A solid read that I would have no problem in recommending.

Topic: Like Broken China by J D Thompson

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