No Regrets by Jani Kay

Well, I have to admit that I was hooked on the works of the inimitable Ms Kay after falling pretty damn hard for Ryder in the Scorpio Stinger Series, because boy was that one bass ass man that I would give my eye teeth to get my hands on and through that book, I became aware that Ryder had a brother, well Maxwell couldn’t hit my kindle fast enough !!! So I bought Lost in France, the first in the Firebird Series and loved getting to know the delicious Maxwell Grant!!(Not quite as much as Ryder but good lord this guy can hold my attention any day!!!)

No Regrets is the much anticipated second book in the series and I have to say like all of Jani’s books, it was worth the wait!

Following on from the first book, Rebecca has moved on, she has left France and is in Germany and doing everything she can to put her romance with Alain behind her where it belongs, ingesting alcohol like it is going out of fashion, friendships forged and relationships drowned, Rebecca heads across the Atlantic back to New York when her boss Maxwell requests her attendance at a charity event

Maxwell is a determined bastard because he is far from shy about letting Rebecca know that he wants to be with her but for reasons best left to Rebecca to explain, she heads him off at the pass, severing all ties and taking off back to Germany.

Faced with two men in pursuit, after Alain has a change of heart and determines to make her his again, Rebecca has her hands and heart full with emotion. While Alain puts himself directly in her line of sight, Max resolves to remedy his issues alone before burdening her with his baggage.

I loved Max’s resolve, his determination to set his stall straight and to deal with the craziness that he needs to clear the decks before he attempts to win Rebecca but Alain, showed passion for her that is difficult to ignore... a choice between them would be almost impossible to make but I have to say that I am beginning to form a soft spot for the ever so slightly serious Maxwell Grant!!

Rebecca’s life is lifted slightly when her sister pays her a visit in celebration of her birthday. Lily was a fabulous character and along with the youngest of the brood – Chloe, we have character fodder for a few more instalments of the series – I would love to see what happens with the girls?

Nothing is straight forward with the book and nor should it be, it has enough plot twists and ministrations to keep you turning the pages, until you finally reach the end only to wonder what the hell!  It has it all and leaves you gasping for more... I cannot wait to have the next book, to perhaps have a resolution and to maybe have the conclusion that I have my fingers crossed for.

Yet another superb piece of writing from Jani Kay, emotionally astute and creatively precise, No Regrets will leave you in no doubt that for every moment you have spent invested in the book, you will have just spent time under the guidance of a master wordsmith!