The Baby Maker

by Lili Valente

I took to the characters almost immediately, Emma was a feisty woman, self-assured and in no need to find herself a man…well unless you take into account that she has an absolute desire to have a child of her own and well, she need s guy for that!

Dylan and Emma have been verbally sparring for longer than they both know id health but darnit…its fun for him getting her all riled up. So when she approaches him with a proposition that means he gets to spend and little quality time with her, if you know what I am on about, in exchange of the land they have been squabbling over, his first thought was H**l No! but there has been a bubbling interest under the surface for far too long for him when it comes to the feisty Ms Haverford, so three months of getting hot and sweaty sounds like a mighty fine deal on the surface .

But as the story progresses, and their time together starts to take shape, what comes to the surface is the fact that all the previous banter and aggravation between them is going to have nothing on how they are going to feel when the time comes to part ways…this may just be the biggest mistake they have ever made.

Can they put their bygones behind them, all the harsh words and attitude and start to work with what they have found now, a connection that while it may be unexpected…refuses to lay down and die?

An enjoyable story that was well written and delightfully engaging.

Topic: The Baby Maker by Lili Valente

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