Against All Odds by J.L. Perry

A superbly written and emotionally charged tale that gave credence to the fact that love can conquer adversity.

Taking life by the horns, Angel has cut the apron strings and moved out of home and out from under her father, Logan’s watchful eye as she experiences the flush of youth and the thrill of finishing school and growing up.

Desperate to immerse herself she does the inevitable and falls for the bad boy in school – the rebel that is Chase Daniels.

But is he the rebel his reputation eludes to or is there more to this motorcycle riding womaniser? Perhaps the right woman just hasn’t given him a reason to change his ways?

Well, rocking into his world and about to set his wheels spinning is Angel and there isn’t a damn thing he can do about it.

 Because once they cross that invisible line and what they have can no longer be denied, they have to address their differences and set about accepting that what they have is not straight forward and if they want it to work they have to put in the effort.

Nothing worth having comes easy and this book pays testament to that.

An exquisitely crafted piece of fiction that transports the reader into the world which is deserving of the adoration you will feel when you flip the last page.