A Merry Last Hangman Christmas by Murial Garcia


I have read and loved every single one of the Last Hangman books, so was under no illusion that this little beauty was going to prove to be an welcome addition to the series and I am happy to report that my hunch was correct this was a super read.

Things haven’t been great round the club the guys and their ladies have had a little more than they had hoped for on their plates lately but there is nothing like Christmas to get everyone pulling in the same direction and these guys are determined to make this a Christmas to remember.

There is a whole load of everything going on in this book, Muriel certainly packs a lot into a few pages.

Because not only is the whole Christmas vibe happening but everyday life is also continuing to take shape and just like real life, there is never a dull moment.

I love the connection between the guys in the club. I get the whole brother feeling from them and the love they share for each other and their women. They made me smile, they made me sigh,they made my heart happy and my soul sing.

I loved the glimpse of Bennett that was served up and I cannot wait to read what he has up his sleeve.

Topic: A Merry Last Hangman Christmas by Murial Garcia

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