Defying Gravity

by K.K. Allen

A little more than your average sports romance and I am the first to admit that when it comes to a sports romance I am a total sucker, so this one has a huge plus going for it from the get-go but would that be enough to carry it over the line?
Tobias and Amelia were great characters, they provided a couple that were easy to engage with, easy to understand and very easy to develop an emotional attachment too…very early on I wanted this pair to have a second chance at the life and love they had let slip through their fingers.
The author had an easy style, her writing style suited me perfectly, I was carried easily from page to page and before long I was totally smitten.
Amelia and Tobias have their fling, their moment and despite the fact that both of them knew that there was more to what they felt, it wasn’t enough to stop the inevitable because when Spring was over and real-life reared its ugly head, they parted ways…but now they are back together and Tobias has no intention of letting her slip through his fingers again but that may be easier said than done because when truth be told he has some work to do in order to make good on his promise and fix everything that lingers over them from the past. I loved his resolve; he was a man of conviction and he was so passionate that it was difficult not to urge him on from the side-lines.
Of course, the had more than their fair share of hiccups along the way and everything they wanted was going to have to be worked for but this pair had the grit and determination to set aside the angst and get to grips with what needed to be done…they were worth the effort and they knew it.
With just the right mix of angst and attitude, this was a cleverly put together storyline, it had its ups and downs and I relished each and every one of them
Would certainly recommend.

Topic: Defying Gravity by K.K. Allen

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