Craving Talon

by Zoey Derrick


Now while Claiming Addison was a good book, Craving Talon steps that up a gear and it is exceptional. Zoey Derrick has unleashed something that I have to say I found simply sensational.

The intensity of the story is not just in all things sensual, the whole damn story is just so intense I am surprised that I made it through to the end of the book in one piece.

While the book is a sexy read, oh my god I am lying – it is not a sexy read – it is a bloody smoking hot, check your inhibitions in on the way in and keep your knees clamped together, no holds barred sex on a page read, it has more strings to its bow.

Addison, Talon and Kyle have more to give not only to each other but to us the readers.

They show us more of their hearts and souls but lay out some of their pasts and we begin to understand the mechanics of what is making each and every one of them tick.

Addison’s career is on the up and the anxiety that brings along with the dangers that surround the whole situation was in some respects somewhat applying a little bit of pressure on the three of them and their opportunity to move forward completely.

The bond between them is strong and they have an honesty that is great to read but it is not all plain sailing and I liked that we had to ride the external forces with them, to understand the strength that they found from each other and to accept that no matter what they have to go through they are getting prepared to face it together.

I found the relationship easy to accept because it was handled with a sensitivity that despite the setting and the intensity of the rock and roll lifestyle, there was a determination that oozed through.

There love for each other was organic, growing and developing as it should and that made me love them all the more, I found their story honest and that made it interesting – it had me invested and I cannot wait to see what happens next.