Reminding Avery

by Kaylee Ryan


A deliciously romantic read that brought this small-town romance to life in front of my very eyes. This is an author that always manages to give her characters the most amazing detail, she instils an honesty in her writing that shows how much she cares, and as much as they matter to her you will soon find that they will matter to you too.

But that being said, as the book got underway I was surprised at just how much time the author gave over to their past – I like to have a good back story but a huge chunk of the book was given over to the relationship that Avery and Dylan had not only had but lost when they were mere teenagers. I did like the fact that the reason behind their initial breakup was clear but when the story shifted to the present I was much happier.

I felt as if the author had almost torn the flesh from their relationship by dissecting what had gone awry previously but now after four years – Dylan was back and willing to do anything to have another shot at a relationship with Avery…the girl that he has always loved.

Could the author give me the same detail in the near and now, show me how much getting back what they had would mean to them or would Avery and Dylan rebel and dictate their own path…well that is the million-dollar question!

I liked Dylan, I especially loved the way he was so open about how he felt about Avery, although at times he was a little OTT but not in the crazy way just a little desperate at times. I am sure that once you get to know him you will love him too.

Avery, well I can’t say I didn’t like her, I did and I thought that together they were a great couple but there were occasions where I think I would have struggled to keep a civil tongue in my head, she was a tad frustrating.

As mixed as you may feel this review is, what I will not deny is the quality of the writing, the book as a super read, the characters will challenge and that is never a bad thing but Dylan…well, he is worth reading all on his own.

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