Cocksure Ace

by K. Webster

This was very much a story of opposites attract…because it is no mistake to say that Camilo and Sheridan did not like each other at all.

They were poles apart, the headstrong woman who refusing to be blown over by the charmingly handsome pilot…but there was a little more under the surface that just refused to go away and they both had to face up to the fact that there might just be a little chemistry at play between them.

I like the plot that the author allowed to unfold, the hurricane playing its part in the two of them and their time together was not something I had read before, it gave a sense of realism to the story so to speak. But I wasn’t sure whether they had what it would take to make it all the way?

With a cast of great secondary characters this was a good read, I would read more about the other characters if it was available.


Topic: Cocksure Ace by K. Webster

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