Finding My Way by Heidi McLaughlin



Finding My Way by Heidi McLaughlin


Book four in the marvellous Beaumont Series but it actually takes us right back to the very beginning – giving us an insight into the creation of Liam Page.

Told exclusively from Liam’s point of view, the book begins in High School and tells the story of the town football superstar – Liam Westbury as his was then.

Liam’s world revolved around two things – Football and his girlfriend Josie.

Life has been mapped out for him from a young age by an ass of a father who was intent on living his life vicariously through his son, but the kid was so messed up – because what do you do when the hope of the town lays on your shoulders and you begin to doubt whether you are actually living someone else’s dream or your own.

Determined to try and carve is own way in the world – he decides to attend Texas Uni with his best friend Mason and despite the fact that it against his father’s express wishes. But unsure as to whether his decision is really what he wants or what he feels obligated to do – he is left reeling when Mason changes his mind at the last minute and decides to remain in Beaumont with his girlfriend Katelyn. This leaves Liam in Texas alone.

With no-one and nothing, Liam turns to the only thing he has for himself. His guitar.

Liam had been teaching himself how to play and was trying to write songs– back in Beaumont it allowed him the freedom to forget all the expectation that he bore. It gave him something that no-one could take away from him but it was also something that no-one could understand as everyone – including Josie believed he was destined for greatness and that his life was as a football superstar – music never entered anyone’s head when talking about Liam Westbury.

But Life does what life does best and fucks up even the laid plans. And when it all gets too much, Liam makes a spur of the moment, life altering decision and head to LA to be with his grandmother.

Giving himself one year to make his mark, he sets a path to try and fight his way into the music industry. Just one year and then he goes back to Beaumont to make things right with his girl Josie and to put her back where she belongs, in his life!

We garner an insight into this couple’s lost years, the years that turn Liam from the hometown hero Liam Westbury into the global superstar Liam Page. We meet the inimitable Harrison James and see what Liam had to lose of himself in order to feel as if he had truly made it... but we see that no matter what he did, he never gave his heart, never told anyone that he loved them– not even his fans because his love had always remained in Beaumont with his beloved Josie.

The story covered all the bases and especially the beginning I felt so much sympathy for the you Westbury -  life is tough enough when you are that age but he really as stuck between a rock and  a hard place – damn if he did and damned if he didn’t.

The relationship between Liam and his grandmother was lovely to read, the woman really got him, it was as if she had a direct link to his soul. He had so much to thank her for because without her he could have floundered into oblivion.

We learn a lot about the dynamic of the relationship between Liam and Josie and it gives a great insight into just what was going on between Mason and Katelyn.

I was a little sceptical about Liam before this book but having now read his story – I understand where he is coming from and through all his personal demons and the time that they were apart – Liam had one thing and one thing only in his mind and that was the fact that he loved Josie.

I finished this and went on to re- read books One and two of the series – book one because this story helped to fill in the blanks that had plagued me from that story and I have to say that it finally all made sense and book two because who couldn’t love Harrison James? I cried my eyes out at the way that man feels about Katelyn and her girls, he is a true gentleman!

If you haven’t read the other books them please do so – you are in for a real treat – Heidi has mastered the art of hard edged rockers with a heart of gold


Rating 4.5 out of 5