Exotic Racing Crusader by Jordana Mia Lezamy


This is a love story that just happens to be set in what is the most extraordinary of circumstances and surroundings.

All Kaidence has ever wanted is to both love and be loved and now she is in her mid-twenties she is still looking for that someone special but isn’t it always the case that the one you need turns up when you least expect it because when Titan arrives in her life he is a force of nature because he takes everything she knows and feels and flips it upside down, making her question her sanity because this man is the other half of her soul and they are destined to be a together.

Love may not be the answer to everything and it may pose its own problems at times but when it is right, it is bang on and this pair are proof of that fact. They are so easy together, no stress, no angst just a fabulous easy ride and because of that I found that I could relate to the pair of them and the relationship that they were building.

The passion between them flowed with an ease that belied the fact that this was the debut novel from a young author.

She gave us a passion that was revolutionary as much as it was evolutionary and a character in Kaidence that was “normal” she was every average woman you would meet in the street with all the usual hang-ups and insecurities but she was also as tough as old boots and used to the knocks that life has thrown her way and is made of stronger stuff – she doesn’t cower away or suffer fools but what she does do is hide the misery that some of the cruel taunts inflict upon her- she wears her pain and hurt well – shame she had to but I congratulate the author for keeping the story realistic.

Titan – wow what can I say about the man – he is an enigma that’s for sure because summing him up is far from easy. As alpha as he is, he has an air of vulnerability about him that in quite endearing, He has everything that a man could craves, he is rich and powerful with charm and sex appeal by the bucket load but he also has a personality that will make you take a second look at the glorious man and say …OMG.

His connection and reliance I would say on Kaidence was a trait that I wasn’t expecting but it was one that I thought gave him a few extra brownie points in my book and he was certainly beginning to gather them up! I didn’t find much about him to dislike and that can never be a bad thing.

I love fast cars and motor sport so the setting for this book was perfect for me and in that respect I think I was always destined much like Kaidence and Titan to fall in love, them with each other and me with a story that smacked straight in the face of convention and dealt an upper hand to the ordinary woman and who gave no credence to the need to be a size zero.

Congratulations Jordana, your book was superb.