Windward Secrets

by K A Davis



This was a thrill a page read, there was so much going on and I was completely enthralled.

There was so much going on that at times it was almost as if my head was whipping back and forth, I was struggling to keep ahead of the game and just when I thought I had worked it all out, I was left scratching my head and starting to unravel the puzzle all over again. The writing was superb and the characters were just amazing.

So what is the story about without telling you too much, well it is the tale of 4 school friends and the events that unfold when secrets that have been held very dear for decades are eventually revealed.

Claire, Diane, Jill and Caroline are staying in Windward cottage for their annual reunion but their stay is far from the relaxing and restful time that they had anticipated.

But the charm and mystery of their location soon has their stay veering off on a path that they had never considered.

But can meet the house and the details of the events they have uncovered head on and what will their adventure say about them and their relationship?

This is a story that you just cannot turn your back on every page held a new treat, a more devious fact and a more delicious secret

Topic: Windward Secrets by K A Davis

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