Power Play by Sophia Henry

I read book one and when book two came on the scene I have to say I was in two minds as to whether or not to read it. But its hockey my new obsession so I picked it up and dove straight in.

I like Landon in this book, sick of being in the minor leagues, he is desperate to make it to the NHL. He has seen too many of his friends and team mates make the transition, he just wants it to be his turn…but will he get his shot?

Well you need to read and find out. Landon had a fairly laid back vibe about him when it came to many of the things that impacted on his life, but when it comes to his family and the fact that he is still in the minors that bravado soon dissipates. Gaby is his sounding board, she is the ear he turns to in order to unload all his troubles and she welcomes his trust with open arms, guys like Landon don’t trust easily.

Gaby has events in her own life that given half a chance she would like to erase but she isn’t defined by them, I really felt for what she had not only been through but continued to have to deal with on an almost daily basis and while others, myself included could have very well have thrown in the towel long ago, she stood her ground an di admired her for that tenacity.

I liked the way her mind worked, the honesty her character brought to the story and the friendship she was willing to share with Landon.

I like the fact that author took the whole picture into account with this book, she gave history not only with family aspects but she allowed economic factors a chance to show how the bigger picture has hid home. Living in a city that has been hit hard by economic difficulties, takes its toll and I think that in this case it added an element of understanding to the story.

I found this a huge improvement on book one and swept my way through it in just one lazy Saturday session.

Topic: Power Play by Sophia Henry

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