by Melissa Collins



My co-conspirator on the blog will have my hide for this, M/M is her domain, she is guru to all things in this genre but this one slipped past, I didn’t read the blurb and I once I got into the story, I was a goner.

The books was beautifully written and the characters were completely engaging, I mean who wouldn’t want to read a story about one seriously (and I do mean seriously) smoking hot lawyer with alpha tendencies that are not just smouldering but are definitely heading off the charts, and a handsome mechanic that is picking at the pieces of his life, desperate to salvage his heart – nope thought not, what is not to want in that scenario.

Parker and Liam are fantastic characters who I have to say were completely perfect for each other although they could not have been more different. But opposite attracts don’t they?

Liam has a past that just keeps on popping up to screw with his life, but he is desperately trying to stay one step ahead of his demons.

He is such a nice guy, that I couldn’t help but feel sorry for him, he was so sorrowful and morose at times that I was desperate for him to find someone to put a spark back into his life and a twinkle in his eye.

He was just so normal that he was impossible not to love, he was a handsome man with a broken heart but the capacity to love to the extreme.

Parker on the other hand, has everything he could desire, but it is not enough.

He may come from money but he has seen how real wealth corrupts completely, the power it commands incites greed that he has been party too much of his life.

But while he may appear and portray absolute confidence in everything, this alpha man, has a beautiful heart, he loves unconditionally. But struggles to see his place in the world and to understand his purpose.

The two of them will hold your heart hostage, they may both be struggling to see where they fit in. But can these two half men, complete each other, can they make the empty lives they lead, sing with love and happiness?

Their hearts hold the key to their future, the power to release them from the binds of their past, but can they give themselves the permission to take everything they want, to love with no limits and to be happy.

The author gave me characters that it was impossible not to love, they gave love a chance and showed that despite the sneaky twists and turns that the author introduced along the way, that what they had truly was heartfelt and honest.